The story of a photographer

My earliest memories of taking photos was with a disposable camera in the 6th grade. I would take one everywhere with me! Back in the day, when that last photo was taken, I would walk to Pamida (a smaller version of a Walmart) turn it in, then wait like 7 days to get my photos back. Some (lets be real...most) photos were either blurry or washed out with that insanely bright flash. But man, I loved it. Seeing my photographs in my hands...there is nothing like it.

Flash forward to senior year, it was time to get my senior photos done. I remember everything about that day. The studio, the lights, the camera! And I thought to myself

I want to do this someday

Well, look at me now! I am doing the damn thing! With support from my amazing clients, my family and my friends, I am making my dreams of being a professional photographer my reality. I couldn't be more excited! So join me on my journey! I would love to photograph you and your loved ones so you have your memories printed out and displayed beautifully. Let's create something together!


Courtney & Bryan

“We had Jeska do our fall photos. She was amazing! She was not only great with our kids, but patient with them as well. She was on time and professional and also so fun to work with! We are so happy with our experience with her as our photographer. We will definitely be hiring her again!”

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